Tips for Microphone & Speaking

Here are some tips if you are having problems Speaking or using your Microphone on EnglishCentral:

  1. Download our Mobile Apps.   Mobile applications generally have higher quality microphones and perform better than desktops for voice recordings.  You can download our mobile app for Android (here) and for iOS (here).
  2. Use Chrome for Desktop.    If you are using your desktop, we recommend using Chrome as your browser, as it has the highest quality recording capability.
  3. Microphone Permission   Make sure you have given Microphone permission to EnglishCentral before you start recording, by clicking “Allow” (see image) within your browser or the mobile app.
  4. Low ScoresIf you are able to record your voice, but you’re getting lower scores than you expect,  listen to your recordings using the “Compare” button (see image)  to check if there is noise in the recording or  issues with the microphone.

Most importantly, if you are still having problems, please contact us.

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