What is a GoLive! session?

Research has proven that by far the most effective way to learn to English is 1:1 with a fluent English speaker.  That is what GoLive! is all about.   After you finish watch, learn and speaking a video lesson, you can GoLive!, which is a twenty-five minute lesson over the phone with a teacher based on the video you have completed.  Teachers generally follow a lesson plan that includes:

  1. Greetings & Video Review.  Your teacher will greet you and confirm the lesson plan for the video you selected..

  2. Comprehension Questions.    Your teacher will ask you 3 questions on the video to test your comprehension.  You teacher will also give possible answers and ask you to choose the best one.

  3. Discussion Questions.  Your teacher will then discuss a topic related to the video that is designed to stimulate a good discussion related.  Just share your thoughts freely with the teacher.

  4. Video Summary.  For more advanced students, if time remains, your teacher will ask you to summarize and present the key messages from the the video lesson in your own words.

  5. Wrap Up.   Your teacher completes the lesson by giving you feedback and some areas for you to work on.

Click here now to view a sample video lesson.

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