LevelUp Test Report


The Level Up Test is your way (and our way) to ensure you are improving your English on Englishcentral.


Any Premium or Platinum members, in supported countries,  who gains 20,000 XPs is eligible for a Level Up Test.  If you are following our recommended program of 20 videos per week (or 2000 XP per week), you should be eligible for a Level Up Test every 3 months.


Once you are eligible, you will  receive a message from us inviting you to a Level Up Test.

The Level Up Test follows the same format as the Level Test (See Level Test Guide for details).  Your Level Up Test results will show your improvement versus every three months and is our way of guaranteeing you make progress if you use EnglishCentral as we recommend. Click here to view a sample of a LevelUp Test report.

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