What is a Level Test?

We recommend that all EnglishCentral users get started with our Level Test.  The Level Test is a free 1:1 session with a teacher over the phone designed to assess your current English level and provide you with a personalized study plan on EnglishCentral.   You can register for a free Level Test here.

After taking your Level Test, you will receive a detailed report on your strengths and weaknesses (See Level Test Report).  You will also receive a Course Plan, which is study plan recommended by our teaching staff based on your level,  interests and goals for learning English. 

What’s ‘consultation’ after the level test?


 At the end of the level test, we provide a free consultation with a local learning consultant. During the consultation, the learning consultant will explain your current standing based on EnglishCentral's five learning metrics (Listening comprehension, Grammar and vocabulary, Communication, Pronunciation and Fluency). If you want to skip the consultation due to a scheduled activity after the level test, please let us know through Skype chat. So you can take advantage of the free consultation, please feel free to ping or send us a message so we can get back to you on your preferred time.

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