Level Test Guide


The Level Test is a relaxed 20-minute session with a trained teacher who is able to talk to learners of all levels. The session is divided into six steps:


[1] Greetings & Introductions.  Your teacher will call you on the assigned date and time.  You will exchange names and greetings.  Be prepared to introduce yourself.


[2] Topic Comprehension.  Depending on you level, your teacher will ask you questions about your interests, your family, your profession, etc.


[3] Your English Learning Goals.  Next, your teacher will ask about your goals for learning English.  For example, for business, to study abroad, to socialize, to prepare for a test. etc.  Based on your answers, we will recommend courses and videos to fit your goals and level.


[4]  Repeat Words & Sentences.  Listen carefully as your teacher gives you a few words or sentences to repeat in order to evaluate your pronunciation and listening skills.

[5] Make Sentences.  Your teacher will then ask you to make your own sentences based on specific patterns provided by the teacher.   Don’t worry if you make errors.  Your teacher will help and correct you as needed.

[6] Wrap up.  You teacher will provide brief feedback on your grammar, pronunciation and fluency. Complete results and feedback are provided in a Level Test report available on your MyEnglish Page.  Also, a recommended course study plan will also be available on your MyEnglish. 

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