How are Live! Lessons held?

Live! Lessons are held through Zoom or Skype as video calls. 

For lessons using Zoom: Click on the Start your Lesson button that appears 5 minutes before your lesson, and be present for your class. Once you click Start your Lesson, we will direct you to the Zoom platform and you will access your lesson. 

Note: Download and install the Zoom application on your PC or mobile device before your lesson starts.

For lessons scheduled via Skype: Make sure to add your correct Skype ID and log in to your Skype account before your lesson starts. Your tutor will add you as a contact; be sure to accept the invitation. To know your Skype ID, click here.

Important: Our Live! Lessons page is dependent on the device time and date settings. Please make sure to set your time and date on your device or computer appropriately, especially when you are traveling.

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