View Words

In the View words tab, you can see what words are included in each word list. You can also view all your words with progress and favorited under the My Words lists, words last studied incorrectly under the Missed Words, words you have learned multiple times correctly during the previous 30-day period under the Mastered Words, words marked as favorites under the Favorite Words and words marked as known under the Known Words

My Words consist of your Ready to Quiz words which you should study next; words added by your tutors during your lessons and your weakest words which you need to repeat studying. 

If you want to add a word to the Favorite Words section, you can click on the heart icon to the right of the word. 

When you answer words right from the first time they are marked as known, words marked as known don't show again while doing quizzes. You can always remove words from Known words by using  mark_as_known.jpg "I don’t know this word" icon to the right of the word.
While you are doing your vocabulary studies, you can change the order of the words from the Sort by tab by choosing Alphabetical, Progress, Difficulty and Ready to Quiz.

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