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EnglishCentral provides a place where teachers can discuss the teacher tools and ways of using EnglishCentral in the classroom. Get helpful hints and ask questions.

1. On the Teach page, Select faq8-newteach-q9-img1-en.jpg

2. On the Teachers' Bog, teachers can:

  • Get Resources and Guides to help them teach with EnglishCentral
  • Use our UserVoice and report any problems or discuss features of EnglishCentral
  • Browse and find out detailed information and news about EnglishCentral

A world of information at your disposal.

Social Media


There are many video tutorials on our Youtube channel showing how to use EnglishCentral. Some made by EnglishCentral and some by teachers around the world. Go to the '€œHow To'€* playlist to view them.

Find us on twitter @englishcentral1

Please 'like us' on our page.

We daily update with lots of great content and discussion!

Visit our EnglishCentral newspaper World Report for constant updates about all that is new.

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