Managing Schools, Classes and Groups

Teachers manage theirs Schools, Classes and Groups using the Manage tab on the Teacher Tools.


Managing a School

You may create multiple schools on EnglishCentral.

Simple select Manage My Schools, Classes and Groups€* from your dashboard. Then select

Delete a school by selecting €œDelete this school€* and confirming.


Invite teachers to your school by using the 'Invite Teachers'€* button.



Type in their email address and then send. They’ll get a notification and will be part of the school and can start creating classes and teaching in the school.

We will soon be adding the ability to move students between classes from the class roster. At present, teachers can only delete students from a school.


Managing the school list

Teachers can do several things to manage the school list.

  1. Edit the student names and give them an alias (so you will remember who they are!)
  2. Delete students from the school altogether.
  3. Assign students Premium seats from the school Premium seat account/allotment.

Managing Administrators

The first teacher to create the school is an administrator. The administrator can upgrade teachers and assign Premium seats to fellow teachers. To make a teacher an administrator or to downgrade from administrator:

Go to your School and select Manage. Then, select the teacher. Chose Manage Teachers.



Select the action you wish to perform.

Managing Classes

You may create additional classes on EnglishCentral. On the Teach page select, “Manage My Schools, Classes and Groupsâ€*. Select the school for the class and then click




Teachers can delete students in their class or assign Premium seats to the students in their class.

Managing Groups

Students in a class can be grouped so teachers can set specific goals and videos for them. Groups are like micro-classes, you’ll have to select goals and curriculum for each group.

To create a group:

On the TEACH page, select, 'Manage'.


Select 'Manage Schools Classes and Groups'.

Select the students to manage.

Click 'Manage groups' and select the action you want to perform.

A pop up will appear and you may perform the selected action of adding, removing from a group or deleting a group.


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