Setting Goals and Selecting Videos

Setting Goals and Selecting Videos

Go to your TEACH page. and select 'Curriculum'.

You'€™ll be taken to the Curriculum page where you can:

    Set Weekly or Monthly Goals for your students to achieve
    Choose courses or videos for your students to study

Setting Goals for your students

Teachers can motivate students to achieve and study by setting weekly or monthly goals.

Alternatively, you can set no goal and let your students study as much as they wish or can.


We recommend a weekly goal of

Watching 5 Videos  |   Learning 50 Words   |   Speaking 5 Videos

This represents approximately 2.5-3 hours of study for the typical student but will vary by the videos selected (dependent on the length, difficulty and age of the student).

The goals you select will appear on your My Class page and will been seen clearly by students along with the videos you've selected.


Selecting Courses and Videos

Select video curriculum by simply choosing a course for your students to study or by browsing the site and selecting specific videos to assign to a class.



EnglishCentral has dozens of professionally curated and designed courses for teachers. Go to our Course Catalog page, preview the courses you are interested in and select for your students to study. Courses are just like your regular textbook but online and with videos. Students Watch, Learn and Speak the videos and vocabulary in each unit. Units are designed so that they represent a typical week of study.



** Note: Some courses require your students to be Premium to access.


Selecting your own videos

Any video on EnglishCentral can be assigned to a class simply by clicking the + icon in the video (when signed in as a teacher) and selecting the appropriate class. It will appear on your class page for students to study. You will also see it on the Curriculum page of your Teacher Tools.


Alternatively, you may allow students to select their own courses or videos to study, in which case, students will be prompted on their My Class page, to add courses or start browsing EnglishCentral and studying videos.

Teachers can always check that videos are assigned on the My Class page by selecting 'View Class Page'.

How speaking points are awarded

Speaking points are awarded based on a variety of factors: pronunciation, pausing, the number of lines, length of the line etc... In general, higher level videos when completed, will yield higher point totals. Video point totals can vary from 300 to 2,000 possible points. On average, each video selected represents 1,000 speak points. Divide student point totals by this number to get an idea of the number of videos studied (Watched or Spoken). Students speaking the "€œhidden challenge" will also get bonus points.

Suggest A Video

Teachers are encouraged to suggest videos they'd like to see on EnglishCentral. We will try our best to get the videos onto EnglishCentral in a prompt fashion for all teachers.

Suggest a video by clicking the button on the Video Browse page.

Enter the Youtube url and optionally leave a comment indicating why you think this would be a great video for language learners.

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