When you are registered as a teacher, the first screen you see after you set up your class is the Reports page.

The Reports Page allows you to track your students' progress by:

    Videos Watched
    Words Learned (Premium Access Required)
    Speaking Points
    Lines Recorded
    Pronunciation (Premium Access Required)
    Course Report
    Overall Grade
    Number of Visits

Select the school and the class/group of the reports you wish to view. Track what your students did with your own videos or anything on EnglishCentral. You can filter the report based on My Curriculum or All EnglishCentral. That means you can see student study based only on the videos and goals you’ve selected or everything a student has done on EnglishCentral.


You can view these results over any period of time by setting the Start Date and End Date of the report.


Here'€™s an example of the pronunciation reports. (Students must speak a minimum number of lines for the data to appear)


And, you can also download the Report in .csv format (Export) to view in Excel or other formats.


Important Note: The data on the Dashboard requires up to 15 minutes to update, so you may not see your students’ results immediately.

In the reports page, why do I see less points than what my students are expecting?

Be sure to select the right filter to view your student activity. If you don’t have the right filter, you might not be seeing all your student’s progress.

Only Class Activity (see image above): This shows student progress only for the goals and videos the teacher selected.

All EnglishCentral: This shows student progress for all activity on EnglishCentral, both teacher selected videos and those chosen by the student.

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