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Teachers are like royalty to us!  Teachers are automatically Premium when they have one or more Premium student seats in their school or class account.  New teachers immediate get 50 free monthly Premium seats so are automatically Premium for the first month.


We have hundreds of universities and schools around the world using EnglishCentral Premium. If you’d like to get Premium seats for your school, simply contact us and we’ll provide you with a personalized quote.  Our Academic Pricing starts at 70% off the list / individual price!

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Teachers who are provided with an access code for Premium seats can easily get those seats. Simply, go to Buy Seats and put in the 12 digit access code. Click Submit.  The seats will be put into your Teacher Tool account and be ready for you to assign to students.


Your school and class Premium seat indicator will always show you how many Premium seats you have available to assign to students.  Premium seats offer flexibility and convenience. They are always fully controlled by the school or teacher and can be removed at any time from a student.  Premium seats start to expire when they are added to the school or class account.


Our Academic Pricing is available by the month / semester (4 months)  or year. 


It includes:


§ Unlimited Student Access

§ Unlimited Premium course access

§  Teacher Tools LMS

§ Full customer service & ongoing  teacher training sessions



Premium students can study without restriction and practice enough to make significant improvements in fluency.




Here is an overview of what each subscription level gets both teachers and students.





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