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The Vocabulary study features of EnglishCentral are unique and EnglishCentral can be thought of as a very large video corpus.  We give students the tools to learn words in video context and use, a vastly superior method than any other.  We track each word students Watch | Learn | Speak and provide a complete lexical profile of student learning.  Our unique spaced time repetition system assures students have really learned the vocabulary.



There are a number of ways to study vocabulary on EnglishCentral. 


1.   In the video player through the LEARN mode (*does not count toward student word goals)

2.   Select Learn Words on any video detail page and launch the video quiz for the video.

3.   Search for a word.  Select the WORD tab and study words in detailed cliplists.

4.   In a course Quiz app to study all the vocabulary from a course unit.

5.   Review.  On My English students can see all the words they've studied and restudy them.

6.   Vocabulary Course.  We have many including the Academic Word List.


Here is a view of our quiz application. Students answer video based questions.  2 correct answers of the same word means the student will get credit for the word being learned - "Success".



View our "How To Study Vocabulary" guide.



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