How is my rank determined?

Your rank is determined by each and every point accumulated through ‘Speak’ mode in the videos, which you can view under the Pronunciation header. Also, you can find the Videos and Vocabulary header in the scoreboard. The Videos header is the total number of videos you have viewed completely so far, the Pronunciation would pertain to all points accumulated through ‘Speak’ mode and the Vocabulary to all the words you have learned. Moreover, if you mouse over your own bar corresponding to each header, you will find a detailed record of what you have accomplished. For Videos, you can view the number of videos you have viewed completely, along with the title of the video/s you have recently watched and the date the video was watched. For Pronunciation, you can see all the pronunciation points you have accumulated through ‘Speak’ mode, the title of the video/s you have spoken, along with the date. The same goes for Vocabulary. You can view the number of words you have learned so far, the latest words you have learned, along with the date the most recent word was learned.



A very important point to remember though is that the words learned are accumulated not by the activity in ‘Learn’ mode but through quizzes. One way to do the quizzes is through the ‘Quiz Words in these Videos’ found as the final step of each Unit.


Or another way to increase the learned words is to do the quiz under Vocabulary. If you go to your ‘My English’ tab, you will find the ‘VOCABULARY’ header with a ‘My Words’ button under it. Once you get to the ‘My Words’ page, you may click on the ‘Start Quiz’ button to learn the words. Furthermore, each word should be quizzed at least twice to be considered learned and added into the total number of words learned.  


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