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The vocabulary quiz application is available in each video lesson, in courses, and as a master vocabulary quiz application,  In each video lesson you will focus on the words in that lesson. In a course you will focus on the words in a course.  The EnglishCentral  vocabulary progress system tracks all the words you have ever started to learn and you will use the master vocabulary quiz application to master these words.

EnglishCentral uses a time interval learning model to help you really learn and master words. EnglishCentral remembers each words you were exposed to and when you were exposed to it and then re-introduces that word to you at the appropriate time.  Think of it as a very smart flash card application that shows you the right word at the right time.  The illustration below shows the optimal time intervals for studying words and how the system will work if you are studying all the ready to study words.



The My Words vocabulary application is where you will make progress on these words. Selecting the “Ready to Study” link in the progress bar will take you to the My Words application with the word list set to the words that are most helpful to you in making vocabulary progress. This is your “Ready to Study” list.  You can also see other collections of words in here like:

1) All - all the words you have ever see in a video or course lesson

2) Removed - words you have indicated you already know

3) Mastered - words which you have fully mastered on EnglishCentral by successful quizzing it 5 times

4)  Favorites - words which you have indicated you really want to focus on. These will be highlighted in any video that contains the words.

When you run the video flashcard quiz application you will be asked to match words to their definitions or to your native language.. To learn a word in the quiz, you must get two quiz cards correct for that word. Three consecutive mistakes on the same word removes it from the quiz for that session, so you can come back to study it again.

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