Using the EnglishCentral video lessons

EnglishCentral’s Video Player was designed from scratch for language learning and offers a uniquely powerful set of features in support of our approach to Personalized Language Immersion.   Each video lesson focuses on a set of featured words which are highlighted in the video. These are the keywords you will learn while interacting with the video.  

The video lesson experience is divided into modes:

1) Watch - in watch mode you will focus on listening to the speakers while looking at an English transcript. You can click on any word you don’t know and then favorite that word. The favorited word will be added to the set of words you are learning with this particular video lesson.

2) Learn - In learn mode you listen carefully for the words you are learning and type the words when you hear them in the lines. This increases your ability to listen attentively to English,

3) Speak - In speak mode you repeat what you hear on the video and get instant feedback on your pronunciation.  The system will highlight words you didn’t speak correctly and give you an overall score for how well you did speaking the video lesson

4) Quiz - in the quiz mode, you work on recalling and learning the featured words for the video. If you complete the quiz you will get an overall quiz grade that reflects how well you did on the vocabulary.

There are a lot of features in all these modes that you can use:

repeat.png Repeat - plays the last line of the video again slowly.

compare.png Compare - in speak mode after you record you can compare your speech to the video to see how you did

Hidden Challenge - ready for a challenge, remove the transcript to make it more difficult.

Focused Speech mode - Speak only the lines of dialog that contain the featured words. This is on by default.


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