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The progress bar shows your overall progress on EnglishCentral.  The Points are your accumulated activity points. You earn activity points for completing video lessons, courses, or studying vocabulary in a quiz.  The Words section shows you how many words you have ready to study, how many words you are currently working on, and how many you have mastered.  The Pronunciation section shows you which sounds, or phonemes, you most need to work on.  Each of these areas will appear in your progress bar as you make sufficient progress.


Words and Pronunciation have opened states. For words the open state will show you a Ready to Quiz button if you have vocabulary words that are ready to be studied. EnglishCentral uses a time interval learning system to help you learn and remember words effectively.  Words ready to study are words that you are working on and haven’t recently studied.  Mastered words are words that you have studied 5 times and have now mastered.  You can also check your rank on mastered words on the Scoreboard.




The pronunciation open state will show you how you rank versus other native speakers of your language.  Selecting this will take you to the pronunciation center


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