My Account page

You can edit and personalize your account by going to your My Account page.


To edit your login information, click on the edit link beside the LOGIN INFORMATION section. You may:

switch to Facebook login or a regular e-mail login

edit your name

edit your password

change your avatar photo


To personalize your account, click on the edit link beside the PERSONALIZE YOUR ACCOUNT section. You may:

edit your native language, country of residence, gender and birthday

activate invisible mode so you won’t be included in the
ranking page

activate/deactivate e-mail updates on your account


To edit the difficulty level settings for your account, click on the change difficulty link beside the DIFFICULTY section. You may customize your account if you are studying for an English examination (e.g. IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC, CEFR) and select your proficiency level from Beginner to Expert.



Click on the SAVE CHANGES button to apply the changes made on your account settings.  

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