Using the Microphone with Google Chrome

Using the Microphone with Google Chrome


If you are using Google Chrome and you get the error message “Microphone initialization timeout” when you record on our player, please look at the screenshot below of what you need to look for once you see the error on the player. This pop up bar will show just below the address bar. Just click on 'allow' and you can then try the microphone again. The pop-up bar is hard to  notice because it is gray in color and your focus is on the initialization timeout message.









If this doesn’t enable the microphone, you need to check  that the Chrome browser knows about your external microphone. Should the above steps won’t work, please try to follow these steps:



1. Click on the options icon and click on settings in the sub menu.








2. Click on “show advanced settings” that you can find last on the list.


Search for “Privacy” and click on “Content settings” tab.








3. A pop up menu will appear. Scroll down and search for ‘Media’. You’ll be able to choose the microphone to be used by the browser.








4. Choose the external microphone to be used and click on ‘Done’.

You may also check if the site is blocked to use the microphone on your browser.

Just go to Settings>Advanced Settings>Privacy>Content Settings and search for Media.

Under Media, click on ‘Manage Exceptions’.










A pop up window will appear. Search for the site and check if it is marked as blocked.







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