Microphone Issues in Chrome

At rare occasions, you may encounter an issue with Google Chrome that prevents you from using your microphone. This means that Google Chrome may not be able to record or hear any feedback from your microphone. The inconvenience of experiencing this issue may result to the following:

  •       The receiving party of the call you have which is mediated via Google Chrome will not hear you.
  •       All websites that may require recording will not hear any feedback coming from your microphone.
  •       Voice activated activities may not work.

This issue is commonly cited as Chrome bug in which Google is actively seeking improvements and solutions to lessen its occurrence among its users. (For more information, click here) (https://bugs.chromium.org/p/webrtc/issues/detail?id=4799)

Should you experience this particular issue, you only need to close and re-launch Google Chrome respectively. To do so, follow these steps:

For Mac Users:

  1.       Click ‘Chrome’ which is located at the top left portion of the screen.
  2.       A drop down menu will appear.
  3.       Proceed to the bottom most option which says ‘Quit Google Chrome’.
  4.       Click the option and Google Chrome will close itself entirely.
  5.       Re-launch Google Chrome by opening the app via its Shortcut or App Dock.


For Computers running in Windows (7, 8, and 10):

  1.       Proceed to the ‘Task Bar’ and locate the Google Chrome Icon or Window Tray.
  2.       Left Click using your mouse the ‘Google Chrome’ Icon and a menu will appear.
  3.       Find the option that says ‘Close all window(s)’.
  4.       All opened Google Chrome windows and tab will automatically close after clicking.
  5.       Re-launch Google Chrome by right-clicking the Icon in your Taskbar or your Desktop Shortcut.

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